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vitamins to help acne - Connect to Youth (C2Y) provides a distinctive workshop experience for adults who want to build better professional and personal relationships with young people.  C2Y employs youth who have experienced the social-service system in Ontario. With their unique experience and perspective, the C2Y Trainers deliver educational workshops to a variety of adult learners including social service providers, businesses and parents.

vitamins to help acne - Announcements

December 2009- Congratulations to the fonder of Connect To Youth, Wolfgang Vachon in winning the 2009 Community Service Award from the Empire Club of Toronto.  This annual award is designed to pay tribute to those who give their time, passion and commitment to community and special causes.

C2Y would like to thank the Bank of Montreal for their generous support.  BMO recently gave C2Y a significant contribution toward the next round of youth trainings.

November 2009- C2Y has now finished hiring our next ten trainers.  Thank you to everyone who applied and interviewed for the positions.  These new trainers will be providing workshops starting in March of 2010.  If your organization is interested in having Connect To Youth train your staff please see workshops. 

October 2009
- C2Y is now recruiting for new youth trainers.  If you are interested in being a trainer or you know a young person 16-24 who might be interested please see Recruitment for more details and a posting. 

July 2009- We would like to recognize the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council in giving us an Artist in the Community grant.  We would also like to thank Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited, CIBC, and Scotiabank for continuing their ongoing support.  These funds will allow us to train a new group of young people in the fall/winter 2009-2010.  We will also be hiring a new facilitator in September 2009 to train the youth (we will post for this position in August 2009).

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August 2008 - Connect To Youth is pleased to announce a new partnership with Sketch.  Sketch has been working in Toronto with street involved and homeless for many years.  For more information about this life changing award winning organization please visit the Sketch website. This partnership will commence by hiring young people from Sketch to be the trainers in our next round workshops starting in March 2009.

May 2007 - Connect To Youth is now offering workshops on communicating with youth about issues of sex and sexuality.

Have you ever wondered what adolescents think about when it comes to sex? Do you ask yourself if they hear you when you talk to them about sexuality? C2Y trainers help build comfort communicating with youth and answer your questions about what goes on in the mind of an adolescent when it comes to sex.

Talking about sexuality with adolescents can be challenging for many adults. This workshop is for parents, guardians, front-line staff, educators, and others who work with youth.

In addition, if you want information about current trends in adolescent sexuality (like present rates of Chlamydia in high school age youth), current promising-practices interventions (efficacy of harm reduction vs. abstinence programs), or want to know technical information (what is LGV). C2Y can further customize your workshop by inviting one of our partnering public health educators. This allows a content expert to do a 1-hour presentation on public health issues before the interactive component with the youth trainers.

Please see Workshops for Booking Details and schedule.


Connect To Youth continues through the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council
Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited, Bank of Montreal, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and Scotiabank.  This project was originally made possible with funding from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

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